The futures of humanity
Exploring the liminal spaces between sustainability, equity and planetary justice

If not Metaverse, then what? The need to explore alternatives.

The concept of the Metaverse is in its nascency, yet it dominates social
media discussions by influencers and attracts investment hype from
entrepreneurs and equity funds with its allure of technological and
social change across all sectors. In reviewing the literature related to
physics, the world wide web, and sustainability, this paper argues it is
incongruous to view the Metaverse (i.e., a separate and single
additional entity) as sustainable and attempts to demonstrate such by using falsifiability evaluating theories, among other methods. Responsible leaders should advocate for a more succinct definition of the Metaverse before further engagement with the concept. Following a robust review of the literature, the authors recommend grand futures to explore what could be sustainable as an alternative to the Metaverse. Alternatives that temporally precede, run parallel, and proceed the Metaverse as it is currently understood need to be debated by Futurists!

Head of School, Business and Management
The Sino-British College, USST