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25 October 2023 (Wednesday), 11:00-13:00, imagine2

Layers, levels and horizons - Unifying the perspective of Time and Timing of change

A strata view on time and timing of change. The proposal combines four established frameworks that are independently recognized in strategic foresight. All of them play on elements of time and timing. These concepts are the 3-Horizons-Model, Causal Layered Analysis, Pace Layers and the spatio-temporal Multi-Level-Perspective-Model.
Bringing all four concepts into one framework helps to clarify the interplay of a situation, its holarchic context and how the future may develop by looking at the different strata and , most importantly, at their connections. Evidently, the concept of holarchy assits in formulating these insights.
The paper summarizes the core elements of each individual framework and proceeds to integrate them into one unifying concept. This conceptual approach is aimed at facilitating conversations about when and how change can be antizipated and why. By linking up distinct elements of the frameworks. an improved understanding may arise.

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