The futures of becoming(s)
Exploring the liminal spaces between consciousness and spirituality

Spoiler Alert: humanization, in extinction?

It is well known the existing debate between humans & machines, in
terms of tech replacing humans. It is rumored that human beings can
become extinct. In this regard to the above, this is a call for action to
every person’s Futures Consciousness. It is also a call to rescue and
preserve our Human Being, with all the qualities and essence that
characterize it. This is a rehearsal outloud on how to revalue human
experiences and peculiarities that still AI and other technologies do not
yet possess (encompassing spiritual issues and much more). Topics
such as Ethics, differences among humanization, humanitarism and
Humanism, Dataism, BANI World, anticipatory capacities, emotional
systems and more, are considered. To sensitize people about taking
care of the specie, is one of the main objectives.