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Breaking Boundaries: Exploring the Arguments (Pro and Con) About Intelligent Life in the Universe, With Implications for Humanity’s Future

27 October 2023 (Friday), 15:30-17:00, cowork
Session Chairs
Director, Center for Future Consciousness
Session Description

Session will explore scientific views, Indigenous and Ancient Civilization Views; Modern VIews (Based on UFO/UAP Sightings and Govt. Reports), and Science Fiction Views as an Intuition of Things to Come,as Humans Leave Earth to Begin Exploring Space. [Linda Groff will introduce all topics, and Tom Lombardo will elaborate on science fiction views in depth.]

It is part of the human spirit to always push back boundaries and explore the unknown. One of the great unknowns today is whether we humans are alone in this vast universe or whether the universe is populated with life?
Part I: Different arguments (pro and con)—some more controversial than others—about Intelligent Life in the Universe - Groff
A. Scientific Views on Searching for Intelligent Life in the Universe: Fermi Paradox; SETI; Exoplanets.
B. Views Based on Indigenous Cultures and Ancient Civilizations’ Ties to Different Star Systems in Their Origin Myths or Architecture, respectively.
C. Views Based on Modern UFO Sightings, & Recent Government Reports on UFOs/UAPs
D. Views Based on Science Fiction as an Intuition of Things to Come, as Humans Leave Earth to Explore Our Solar System and the Universe Beyond.
Different Perspectives explored under each.
Part I: Insights on Intelligent Life in the Universe through Science Fiction - Lombardo
From its earliest beginnings, science fiction has thoughtfully speculated on the possibilities of intelligent alien life and alien civilizations. More than any other sphere of inquiry, science fiction has envisioned an immense and diverse assortment of alien biologies, minds, and civilizations. Some of the most distinctive and imaginative forms of alien life and intelligence, and thought-provoking types of encounters between humans and aliens envisioned in science fiction, are covered.
Part III: Discussion: How encountering alien intelligent life could dramatically impact our future human evolution, including at planetary, galactic, and cosmic levels - Linda & Tom
Linda Groff and Tom Lombardo are both longtime futurists and WFSF members/Fellows, with Tom also on WFSF Board
Note: Linda could cover Parts I & III on her own, if necessary, but a great panel together!