Blagovesta Ilieva Nikolova

Associate Professor
Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Blagovesta Nikolova obtained her PhD in Political philosophy in 2013 from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. She has been pursuing her research interests in two main thematic directions – the transformation of foresight under the burden of increasing uncertainty, and the prospects of ethical governance of new and emerging technologies. Those two considerations conflate in her monograph – “The RRI Challenge: Responsibilization in a State of Tension with Market Regulation” (2019), where she explores the potential of the EU-promoted concept of Responsible Research and Innovation, and traces the built-in controversies and impediments before its meaningful implementation.

Dr. Nikolova has been published in respected international journals (ex. Society, Time & Society, EJFR, Security Dialogue) and has participated in international academic fora, devoted to the problem of Science, Technology and Society (ex. 4S/EASST Conference, STS Conference Graz, ABS Europe Conference, EAB-RPC). She has been acting as an ethics expert for the European Research Executive Agency evaluating research projects within the framework of the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe programmes.