Craig Slee

Writer, consultant & theorist

Craig Slee is a disabled writer, consultant & theorist dealing with Mythology, Folklore, Magic & Culture exploring life through the lens of landscape, disability and fugitive embodiments. His aim is to trouble notions of agency, ableism, and presence, drawing attention to the blurry peripheralisms and hidden, unnoticed currents of awareness in which we are all entangled and embedded.

He has contributed essays and poetry focusing on the numinous and disability to various anthologies including: “The Dark Mountain Journal”, “Rendering Unconscious:Rendering Unconscious: Psychoanalytic Perspectives, Politics & Poetry” and “The Fenris Wolf 10.” In 2023, he co-released “Go√™tic Atavisms”, with his contribution exploring the role of dis/ability in relation to the practice of sorcerous ontologies. He has also co-faciltated multiple seminar series at Dresden Academy for Fine Arts, on such interrelated subjects as “Factoring Space” and “Ableism in the Arts.” As part of the ‘Kinship Group 26’ collective, he has previously spoken at conferences, including Art Meets Radical Openess 2022. He lives in the North West of England, and likes cats.