Diana Stafie

Founder & Strategic Foresight Consultant
Future Station

Diana Stafie, an accomplished alumna of several prestigious educational programs – including the University of Houston, the Institute for Future Studies, the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, and the International Certified Future Strategist program – assumes the role of Founder and Strategic Foresight Consultant at Future Station (futurestation.ro). Future Station, a consultancy agency specializes in foresight and strategic planning, partners closely with a diverse array of clients representing various industries, such as retail, telecommunications, financial services, FMCG, energy, healthcare, as well as NGOs and public institutions.

In her capacity as a strategist, Diana diligently undertakes comprehensive research initiatives aimed at facilitating her clients’ understanding of evolving landscapes, the identification of emerging trends, the cultivation of innovative approaches, and the strategic readiness required to navigate an uncertain future. Diana firmly believes that “there are no more prizes for predicting the future, but prizes go now to those preparing.” This philosophy underscores her commitment to assisting organizations in not just foreseeing the future, but also in equipping them with the strategic tools and foresight to thrive in an ever-changing world.