Elizabeth Strickler

Director, Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Georgia State University

Elizabeth Strickler operates at the forefront of media entrepreneurship and innovation as the Director of Media Innovation at Georgia State University’s Creative Media Industries Institute. She shares her expertise in media innovation to a diverse range of students, from undergraduates to graduates, and collaborates with leading industry labels and iconic cultural figures to pioneer strategies in web3, blockchain, and virtual production. Her 2021 TEDx talk is recognized as a foundational resource in the NFT, metaverse, and AI realms, making her a frequently sought-after speaker in this rapidly evolving space.

Beyond this, Elizabeth bridges the academic gap between the Business School and the College of Arts and Sciences, securing grants for research on creativity, innovation and XR’s role in higher education. She is driven by a vision: to ignite entrepreneurial spirits, craft immersive worlds, and build our cultural economy. Elizabeth operates on the premise that learning is universal, enjoyable, and limitless. Reflecting her broad-ranging passions, her academic pursuits encompass a BA in Philosophy, a BS in Computer Science, and an MFA in Digital Filmmaking and Art.