Kacper Nosarzewski

4CF The Futures Literacy Company
Member of the Board
Polish Society for Futures Studies

Kacper Nosarzewski is a partner at 4CF and a board member of the Polish Society for Futures Studies. He is the author of methodologies and facilitator of foresight projects for civilian and military clients, an Interpol expert. Kacper advises on strategic foresight enterprises and international institutions, such as FAO and UNFCCC. He led the project Scenarios of National Development 2050 for the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure and Development. Kacper has managed projects for medium and large companies and government agencies around the world in the high-tech, food and beverage, financial, logistics and defense industries. He is a member of the Polish branch of The Millennium Project – the world’s largest foresight think tank and a member of the Association of Professional Futurists and World Future Society. He teaches foresight at the Naval Academy, andAGH University of Science. He is a champion of interactive speculative fiction in foresight.