Marianna Birmoser Ferreira-Aulu

Doctoral Researcher
University of Turku

Marianna is a Brazilian-Finnish doctoral researcher at the University of Turku (UTU). She grew up in the city of São Paulo, spending most of her childhood weekends walking on trails and bathing in rivers of the Atlantic Rainforest.

She has a undergraduate studies in Social Sciences from Tampere University, and a Master’s in Futures Studies from UTU. Now, she is pursuing her doctoral degree in Futures Studies, while working as a teacher in the Master´s Degree Programme.

Her doctoral research deals with sustainable futures of the Brazilian Amazonia, and she is currently experimenting a new workshop design combining FLL, CLA and participatory mapping (PGIS) in order to co-create spatially-explicit scenarios.

Marianna has worked as a project researcher for Finland Futures Research Center for 5 years in projects related to strategic foresight, futures literacy, sustainability, and climate action. She is also a freelance workshop facilitator, and since 2020, have been cooperating with UNESCO as a Futures Literacy Expert, co-designing and facilitating FLLs on-line.

Her long-term professional goal is to contribute to society by exploring innovative pathways towards just and sustainable futures by popularizing science and engaging with the public.