Thasanawan Boonmavichit

Post doctoral student
Center for Social Development Studies, Chulalongkorn University

Nok is a researcher in the field of futures studies, with a particular focus on the intersection of philosophy, ethics, and social impact. Currently, she serves as a Guest Editor for the Special Issue of the Journal of Futures Studies, leading the discourse on “AI and Future of Futures.”

As an independent consultant, Nok has collaborated with diverse organizations in Asia and Europe, addressing pressing issues such as air pollution, peace and security, sustainable finance, education, healthcare, and innovative policy-making. Her research emphasizes integrating philosophical inquiry to enhance critical thinking skills and foster active citizenship in the face of emerging challenges.

Nok’s expertise lies in exploring various aspects of futures studies, advocating for critical thinking and agency to shape desirable futures. She draws from critical realism philosophy to design frameworks that employ holistic and systematic approaches for reanalyzing and reimagining problems, ultimately striving for alternative and inclusive futures.