Victoria Ward

Co director
Jigsaw Foresight

Victoria Ward has worked at the forward edge of organisational change, narrative at work, and knowledge management for over 25 years. With a background in finance, she has held roles such as head of research, chief operating officer, chief knowledge officer, and has done terms on the FTSE 100 Index Steering Committee, the Board of LIFFE and the Financial Services Tribunal. Her role in directing and contributing to projects is to bring strategic storytelling, transformation, knowledge management and collaboration, design and facilitation of participatory processes. Her work aims to empower individuals, groups and organisations, to build momentum, meaning and coalitions for change.
Since 2019 two particular themes are her focus: reconfiguring the collaborative workplace – what is the next normal of work, the future of knowledge working, evolving human/machine, human/nature relationships within and beyond the workplace; and, the conditions which are needed for effective decision-making, in terms of leadership qualities, and in response to accelerating digital change. What does it take to produce environments in which sound decisions are made, in turbulent conditions?

She specialises in retrospectives and reviews which witness and celebrate individual and collective contributions, create a textured understanding of the shared present reality, and pay forward insights in creative ways to amplify their future impact with diverse groups of stakeholders. She has strong synthesis, writing and communication skills.
Victoria has a degree from Cambridge University in Modern and Mediaeval Languages, and a post-graduate certificate from the Tavistock Institute in Working Groups.