The futures of agency
Exploring the liminal spaces between action and responsibility
25 October 2023 (Wednesday), 14:00-16:00, cowork

Building a Staircase to Protopia

This keynote explores the concept of increasing futures agency by building a metamodern staircase from the postmodern kaleidoscope. In a rapidly changing and interconnected era, individuals and organizations face a fragmented and shifting landscape. Drawing from metamodernism and postmodernism, the keynote proposes an approach that embraces the multiplicity of perspectives and shifting realities in our postmodern world.
The postmodern kaleidoscope represents the ever-changing patterns that emerge from the reflection of ideas and values. Rather than seeing this fragmentation as a hindrance, the keynote advocates harnessing its potential by constructing a metamodern staircase. This staircase signifies progress and evolution, where diverse perspectives and ideas are integrated into a higher level of coherence and meaning.
To build the staircase, individuals and organizations must cultivate a futures agency mindset that embraces uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. By transcending singular narratives and fixed ideologies, they can navigate the postmodern kaleidoscope effectively. This requires questioning assumptions, challenging biases, and actively seeking out potential opportunities.
Embracing a metamodern stance fosters adaptability, collaboration, and creativity, empowering individuals and organizations to shape their desired future. The keynote emphasizes ongoing learning, iterative processes, and inclusive decision-making as crucial in constructing the metamodern staircase. By embracing the postmodern kaleidoscope and intentionally building the staircase, individuals and organizations enhance their futures agency in our rapidly changing world.
This thought-provoking keynote offers practical insights and guidance for individuals and organizations seeking to thrive in an uncertain and fragmented future.