The futures of becoming(s)
Exploring the liminal spaces between consciousness and spirituality
26 October 2023 (Thursday), 14:00-15:00, cowork

Harnessing the potential of neuroscience and neurodiversity

In this period of liminality, characterized by confusion, artificiality and the illusion of control and freedom, the ability to imagine truly alternative futures seems to be dwindling, while the need for them continues to grow.
It therefore seems necessary to take a step to the side, a detour, for example, into neurodiversity, neuroscience and even neuro-spirituality, which offer possibilities that are still underestimated. Used constructively, synergistically and ethically, these advances on new paths can enhance both our sentience (subjective experiences and sensations) and our consciousness (self-reflexive thoughts, self-awareness and introspection) - both essential to imagining a less predatory humanity.
We will begin by examining current visions of the future. Then, we will explore how the various developments and techniques related to neurocognition could be used in a targeted way to broaden the spectrum of futures. Finally, we will outline a speculative, interdisciplinary and innovative initiative demonstrating the key role of neurodiversity in building a genuine alternative to the Anthropocene.

Gland Equilibre Centre Orl
Founder & CEO
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