The futures of humanity
Exploring the liminal spaces between sustainability, equity and planetary justice
26 October 2023 (Thursday), 11:15-13:00, lab

Spatially-explicit Futures Scenarios for the Rio Negro Basin (Brazilian Amazonia) in 2040

Co-author: Maira Alonso da Costa

This research investigates how scenarios can be used in long-term planning in a context where vulnerable populations face governance instability. Spatially-explicit scenarios for Amazonia in 2040 will be produced in a co-creation process with stakeholders with the aim of engaging and aiding local leaders of conservation units in long-term thinking.
The scenarios are created in a novel framework that combines Futures Literacy Laboratory (FLL), with Participatory Geographical Information System (PGIS). By adopting a critical approach on futures research, I engage with stakeholders to imagine multiple futures, and to investigate the implications for these scenarios.
Scenario workshops in Manaus and Novo Airão, Amazonas, Brazil with the academic community at the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM), and with leaders of the Mosaic of Conservation Units of the Lower Rio Negro (MBRN) provides insights on potentially contrasting views of the future of the focal area. The MBRN is an organization of 12 conservation units one next to another, sharing not only common resources, but also facing relatively similar problems. The Mosaic has the intention of creating mechanisms for joint efforts for conservation action. As part of the workshop’s agenda, participants will also ideate further developments and transform the scenarios into action plans.
In my talk, I will present the results from the workshops.

Keywords: Scenarios, Participatory Approaches, Workshop, FLL, PGIS, Amazonia

Doctoral Researcher
University of Turku