Exploring Liminalities
Creating Spaces for Unlimited Futures

Living Experiences of Democracy in 2073

25 October 2023 (Wednesday), 11:30-13:00, lab
Co-Founder, Future Center Alliance
Director, Enriching Opportunities, Educore
Session Description

This workshop will address possible futures of democracy 50 years from now, anticipating the 100th anniversary of the WFSF in 2073.
Today’s democracy was never designed to be a caretaker of future generations. We in Nordic Europe see possibilities to rethink democracy to make it a better fit for future decades, working together with a broad constituency of stakeholders. – and especially young people – in a multigenerational co-design process.

To initiate this process, we invite participants to develop concrete ideas about some of the issues facing democracy now – in the third decade of the 21st century – and much further into the future.

Participants will first ‘experience’ democracy 50 years ago (the year the WFSF was founded), and then explore how democracy is experienced today. After that, we will address how participants see possible futures 50 years from now.

Questions participants will address include:
• What kind of ‘democracy ‘is emerging in 2073?
• Which narratives from the past (1973 – 2023) are ‘haunting’ our thinking about possible democracies in 2073?
• How can our ideas (as experienced in today’s workshop) be relevant for renewing democracy in the coming decades?

Five members of the ‘Nordic Chapter’ of the WFSF will attend the Copnference, assist in setting up the workshop, and add their ideas to the conversations. Hank Kune and Siv Helen Hesjedal will be lead facilitators and moderate the conversations that emerge.
Join us to think together about how democratic values can be used to tackle our wicked global challenges, now and in the future.