The futures of agency
Exploring the liminal spaces between action and responsibility

Futuristic artefacts: Water - a living being

In the wake of increasingly intense and unprecedented water-related
phenomena, such as devastating floods and prolonged droughts, this
one-hour online workshop invites participants to explore and reimagine water as an unpredictable and extreme living entity. By embracing the
urgency of the current experience with extreme weathers and waters,
this workshop seeks to find alternative narratives for humanity's coexistence with this essential element and thus alter the way we
imagine, design and shape our surroundings.

The design of the workshop is inspired by the facilitators’ backgrounds in Futures Literacy (time) and Architecture (space). Through
collaborative exercises and play, attendees will embark on a journey of
speculative design, pushing the boundaries of our understanding of
water's behavior. We will delve into the potential implications of water's liveliness, harnessing collective ideation to redefine our relationship with this essential element. As an output, the workshop inspires the
creation of futuristic artifacts that test alternative assumptions about our framing of water - that could be from architecturally adaptive structures to ingenious technologies that harness water's vitality.

The workshop is embedded into and might inform a larger project titled Space&Time that merges artistry, science, (spatial) design and
imagination to create spatial and sensorial experiences presenting an
alternative scenery (future) of water. Overall, the project seeks ways to
make sense of changing environments and aims to strengthen the
visitors’ ability to appropriate new spaces and realities. Imagine: “How
would a future look like where humanity thrives alongside this dynamic force of water in harmony, adaptability, and profound understanding?”

Curator & Facilitator for Experiences with Futures
Architect - Exhibition Designer - Project Manager - Curator