Exploring Liminalities
Creating Spaces for Unlimited Futures

Felting Futures/Futures Felt: Practicing Thinking-Making-Doing

24 October 2023 (Tuesday), 16:00-18:00, imagine2
Research Associate and PhD Candidate , Braunschweig Univeritiy of Art (
Lecturer Master Programm Futures Studies , Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin
Founder & Managing Director, Center for Strategic Foresight
Member of the Supervisory Board, International Asset Bank AD
Session Description

We design our reality via artifacts in the present for an imagined future. In that sense artifacts can be anything we create, including colors and concepts. Thus, our ideas about the future may also be understood as artifacts. The anticipatory assumptions (AA) in the framework of futures literacy are the threads that create the fabric of futures. Yet, in most work aiming to reveal AAs, cognitive methods are applied to think and game with values, biases, and concepts to reframe and think differently. People will reflect on topics and issues, but is that truly transformative?

The workshop process: making and shaping futures in this workshop is to approach those stories by crafting (felting and/or modelling clay) to experiment with transformation as a sensory experience. The hypothesis is that if we adhere to a plan, disappointment can become a hurdle. Conversely, if we let intuition take over, the unexpected can emerge as a positive surprise in the process.

The body-mind: making up our mind of what we want to make; choosing the tools and materials that will be transformed while using our hands, feet, and senses to gather the tools and materials, imagining what they may become.
The flow: letting go while creating with a mindset that opens up to the unexpected.
This transformative process explores finding different ideas and concepts by letting go of what we think is right or wrong. The workshop is an offer to practice how the threads of futures stories can be transformed through e.g. felting, thread by thread: a practice of entanglement or thinking-making-doing.

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